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Before contacting me for character art and illustration, please go through these questions that I often get on my email and social media.  

If you can't find anything helpful or if you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Do you take commissions?
    As of right now, I am only taking commissions when it comes to book covers and bigger projects.
  • How much do you charge?
    NOTE: There is an additional 6,25% PayPal fee added to all of the prices Price for a single: Bust portrait - 110euros. Waist up - 140euros. Full body - 170euros. This pricing is for a simple portrait, with simple background. Any additional elements that you want me to include could add to the cost. Revisions are mostly free of charge, but in case I determine that corrections that you want are very demanding and/or differ from the original instructions (e.g. changing the outfit completely to a different one, adding things that were not planned in the begining etc), I would ask for additional payment per revision. In most cases this doesn't happen, but because of the few times it did happen, I had to include it here. General rule for book cover is: 250euros for commercial rights licence +Price of a character based on a size mentioned above +Price of a background (this depends on complexity and level of detail) Lettering for covers is done by a designer that works with me and her price is 150euros per cover. For different styles of paintings, prices are determined based on the complexity of the commission. This applies to book covers as well. I would need to know the size, number of characters, level of detailing, background, deadlines, etc. to figure out the time commitment for a project. Please provide as much detail as you can when contacting me about a commission.
  • How do you take your payment?
    All fees are taken through PayPal. I send you an invoice, and you just click Pay. For larger sums I can split the invoices. In that case I take 50% before work begins and 50% prior to delivering the completed work. In case you decide to go for a split option, I will send all of my updates with watermark until the total amount is payed off.
  • What can I use commissioned art for?
    This depends entirely on the intended purpose. If you intend to use the art for commercial purposes - merchandise, book covers, etc. then you must explicitly state this and get permission to do so. Commercial use is subject to additional fees and permission. Personal use or use where you will not be making money off the artwork only has standard rates applied. Pease discuss your intentions with me and I can provide appropriate permissions and fees on a case by case basis
  • How does it work?
    When you contact me, we talk about the work you need done. You tell me what kind of commission would you want, how many characters and what is your deadline. Based on my schedule and having your deadline in mind - I will let you know if I'm available and when will I be able to start. If we agree on everything, I will mark down a spot for you in my schedule and I will contact you when I'm ready for you. In some instances, and depending on the ammout of work, I may ask for a deposit in order to save a spot. The deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid the deposit and bow out of a project, you will not receive a refund as those funds went towards securing time for your project that cannot be easily filled on short notice. When I contact you and am ready to start, I like to go 1 by 1 character. That means, you send me the references for yout first character, I go through it, talk to you about it if necessary and when I'm confident that I have all the information, I send you the invoice for that character. After the payment goes through, I start. I update you as I progress with my painting and there you will have a chance to make changes if you think that I got something wrong. When you are happy with the final outcome, I send you the full resolution file on your email, and we move on to the next character.
  • What references do I need to send you?
    I will need anything and everything that will help me imagine and paint your character. That means: -Basic character description -Something about their personality, who they are as people, how do they live etc -Main face claims (people send me celebrity photos, photos of their friends and family). This helps me get the basic idea of the face type that I need to paint. In some situations, one face cannot accurately describe your character, so you can also send me different photos (for example, this persons eyes, but that persons nose and jawline) -Skin colour examples -Hair colour and hairstyle examples -Costume examples. Multiple photos can also work here (for example, collar from this shirt, but sleves from that shirt) Please be clear with your instructions. Have a clear idea of what you want and send me the adequate references. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work through many different versions in case you don't have the clear vision and just want to try things out. Changing your mind often can result in me working longer than I planned and it could cost you more in the end.
  • How long does it take to finish one character portrait?
    As much as I would like to be confident and say 2 days maximum, it doesn't always work like that. A lot of time is lost on back and forth communication, especially when it comes to updates and corrections. Corrections of the painting will add to the time, so being thorough with your references and communicating at the start is the key. So, unfortunately, I cannot give exact number of hours or days that I would need, but hopefully this helps you form an idea.
  • What formats are the files provided in?
    I usually send a full resolution PNG file. I can also provide a PDF file if necessary.
  • Do you sell prints?
    This is not a currently available service, but I am hopeful it will be in the future if I can find a more sustainable solution for my home studio.
  • Which programs and equipment do you use?
    I use Clip Studio Paint. It's the best program I've used and would recommend it to anyone. I also use Photoshop as needed for color profile conversions and adjustments. When it comes to the equipment, I am a very simple girl. I switch between my PC and laptop, and I use Wacom Intuos Pro Medium size pen and tablet. No fancy drawing screens
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